The Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT) Program

Mission Statement:

The mission of the FIAT Program is to provide quality analytic training, using experienced analysts, to LEIU and IALEIA members and other interested parties at a reasonable cost on a regional basis.

FIAT Course Overview

The FIAT is a five-day introduction to the basics of law enforcement intelligence analysis. As the name indicates, the FIAT Program aims to provide a foundation, a basic knowledge and understanding, of the elements of the law enforcement analysis profession. It was designed to be an entry-level curriculum.

Course topics include:

  • History of Intelligence
  • Legal Issues/Ethics
  • Sources of Information
  • Creative/Critical Thinking
  • Logic
  • Inference Development
  • Competing Hypotheses
  • Crime Pattern Analysis
  • Association Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Communication Analysis
  • Products of Analysis

The FIAT course is intended for civilian and sworn law enforcement, as well as regulatory personnel who have not received formal, basic, intelligence analysis training or those who require a refresher.

Evaluations are completed after each FIAT and cover the course modules and each instructor. The goal is continual improvement of the product.

Certified FIAT instructors are available in the US, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, to provide your agency or organization with quality training. They are all experienced, working professional analysts in the field, who have been certified by IALEIA and the LEIU.

The FIAT curriculum is guided by IALEIA’s Analytic Standards document and is in line with the US Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative. It meets the training standards requirements set out in the US National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan (NCISP).

The FIAT meets the Criteria for basic level certification with IALEIA. It also meets the minimum training requirements set by the Society of Certified Criminal Analysts.

FIAT is a cooperative venture of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) and the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU)

The FIAT course is approved for agency funding reimbursement by US-DHS (must be coordinated with your state grant coordinator).

Hosting Or Attending A FIAT In Your Area

We are looking for additional locations to host FIAT classes in 2017... and beyond!

FIAT is always looking for a host agency that is willing to offer an 'open' course that IALEIA and LEIU can advertise to its members and the law enforcement intelligence community. This is a great way to bring the course to your area. Minimum registration for an 'open' class is 15 students. Registration for a FIAT course closes once a class has reached its limit of 24; however, individuals may still have their name added to the waiting listing of a given course. The host agency of an 'open' course will receive one (1) free seat if they have purchased at least two (2) seats in the class. A host agency may also request a 'closed' class. The host of a 'closed' course is financially responsible for the full course fee and determines who will be allowed to attend. The maximum capacity of a 'closed' course is 24 students.

Host agencies for both types of courses are asked to provide the training rooms needed for the class and to specify a course Point of Contact for registration and on-site coordination.

Any agency or organization interested in a FIAT is encouraged to contact the FIAT Program Manager in order to obtain additional information and to schedule a course.


Any agencies or organizations interested in the FIAT Program are encourged to contact the FIAT Coordinators. We can provide closed agency or open registration hosted agency courses.



If you would like to be notified by e-mail if a host has open seats, please contact Bob Morehouse at and ask to be added to our notification list.

The FIAT Coordinators are currently working with several agencies to schedule FIATs in the near future. Please continue to watch this site for courses that have openings.


The cost associated with each course will be determined based on the estimated expenses related to the training session. IALEIA and LEIU members will receive a $50.00 discount from the fee for the course.

For further details contact the FIAT Coordinator at:

History: Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training

In early 2004, the IALEIA Board decided to take the Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training course it had developed in a consortium including the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), the Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Project Directors, and the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (L.E.I.U.) and facilitate ways for IALEIA chapters and LEIU members to provide this training at a reasonable cost in their areas.  IALEIA and LEIU have made it a priority to assemble an experienced cadre of experienced analysts to teach this basic intelligence analysis course regionally. In the fall of 2005, the Department of Homeland Security issued a mandate for standardized training for all newly hired analysts who are paid with DHS grant funds. The IALEIA/LEIU FIAT is one of the two training courses listed as meeting the requirement.

The Instructor Team

Instructors for the FIAT program are practicing analysts within law enforcement or investigative organizations throughout the world. All Instructors are volunteers and are ‘loaned’ to teach a FIAT course by their respective home agency/organization. They do not receive payment or honorariums for teaching courses. They volunteer because of their commitment to mentoring new colleagues and dedication to helping advance our profession!

All FIAT Instructors are:

  • Certified by the FIAT Instructor Development Program (IDP)
  • Have worked at least 5 years in intelligence, crime and/or law enforcement analysis (or related fields)
  • Posses proven presentation and teaching skills
  • Are active IALEIA members

Instructors for specific FIAT classes will be chosen based on their experience, areas of expertise, and geographic proximity to the training sites.


FIAT Steering Committee

The FIAT Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Oversight of the FIAT Program
  • Reviewing and updating the FIAT training course when appropriate,
  • Reviewing applications for FIAT instructors, and
  • Assisting with the FIAT IDP sessions.

Instructor Development Program - IDP


The mission of the IALEIA/LEIU FIAT Instructor Development Program (IDP) is to provide qualified and informed instructors for the classes and to support the development of those instructors.

The IDP is administered by the IALEIA/LEIU FIAT Program Coordinators. They will be scheduled as determined by need. FIAT instructor refresher training is held at each annual IALEIA/LEIU training conference.

FIAT Instructor Application Process:

Any interested IALEIA/LEIU members are encouraged to apply to the FIAT Coordinator for certification if they possess all of the following requirements:

  • Current active membership in IALEIA/LEIU (& maintained future membership)
  • Minimum of five years experience working as an analyst in the private sector (retail loss, security specialist in banking, credit cards) law enforcement intelligence analyst, or a military intelligence analyst.eld.
  • Previous experience in delivering training to adults
  • Able to obtain a written commitment from their immediate supervisor or agency head that they will be able to teach this course (either on company time, or on time off from work)
  • Able to commit to instructing at least one course per year.
  • Instructors with analytic certification are preferred

To apply:

Please submit:  (see details on the attached announcement and application.)

Send to the FIAT Coordinators at