Department of Homeland Security's Office of Intelligence & Analysis is Awarded the 2017 LEIU General Chairman's Award

(L to R) Kevin Saupp, Director of State & Local Partner Engagement for DHS/I & A;  Rick Kopel,Director of Homeland Threat Analysis, for DHS/I & A; & Van Godsey, LEIU General Chairman.

This award is given to the LEIU member agency making significant contributions to the law enforcement community. The mission of the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I &A) is to equip the Homeland Security Enterprise with the timely intelligence and information it needs to keep the Homeland safe, secure, and resilient.  I &A is a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and is the only IC element statutorily charged with delivering intelligence to state and local law enforcement partners, and developing intelligence from those partners for DHS and the IC.

 I &A’s goals are to provide its customers and partners with unique, predictive intelligence, and analysis that:

 ·         Enhances customer understanding of, and response to, threats to Aviation Security

 ·         Increases operational effectiveness against threats to Border Security

 ·         Improves the integrity of our Cyber networks

 ·         Informs operators and decision-makers on effective means to Counter Violent Extremism

In 2016, I &A undertook several initiatives designed to enhance collaboration and information sharing with its state and local partners, and specifically the law enforcement community.  These initiatives included:

  Critical Incident and Threat Communications

  Homeland Security Information Network-Intelligence (HSIN-Intel) Enhancements.

  Field Analysis Reports

The DHS/Office of I & A has been a great partner and LEIU member and we applaud their dedication and professionalism.