Eva Baltazar is Presented With the 2017 LEIU Special Recognition Award

(From Left to Right) Eva Baltazar, LEIU Assistant & Van Godsey, LEIU General Chairman

Eva Baltazar is the LEIU Assistant assigned to all things technical for LEIU Headquarters.  Eva started as an unpiad volunteer in 2004.  In 3 short years she has had a significant and positive impact on LEIU operations.  She started by transferring historical member communications from hard copy to a digital file.  She tackled several assignments to update our Secure Portal and our public web presence.  2014 was Eva's first exposure to our annual training event and by 2015 she was assisting with registration and instructors.  In late 2015 and early 2016 Eva took the reins in developing an event app that we introduced at our 2016 conference in New Orleans and it was a great hit.  In 2017 Eva expanded our registration and attendance reccapabilities so our attendees experiences were fluid and the lines for check-in significantly reduced.  Our great appreciation goes to Eva and her hard work.